Ukrainian poets at International Poetry Festival in Minsk, Belarus


The annual Michaś Stralcoŭ International Poetry Festival Poems on Pavement was launched in 2012 by The Union of Belarusian Writers and Belarusian PEN-centre. Poets from Belarus, Estonia, Germany, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Sweden, Finland took part in the festival events that traditionally include a poetry slam, literary readings and discussions, book presentations, musical concerts etc. The partners of the festival are Swedish Writers’ Union, news portal TUT.BY, Prestigio, Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in the Republic of Belarus, Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in the Republic of Belarus, civic cultural campaign “Budzma belarusami!” (“Let’s Be Belarusians!”), Polish Institute in Minsk, Goethe-Institut Minsk.

Ukrainian poets took part in 2015 edition of the festival. Dmytro Lazutkin, Yury Matevoshchuk, Yury Zavadsky, Olena Stepanenko participated in the slam and poetry readings.

“Poetry is a fine matter. It consists of wind, fire, details and trinkets. It is the measure of your presence not only in the text, but also in its combination with the environment that matters. It is important how good you are as a heat conductor, how organic you are,” says Dmytro Lazutkin.