Yury Matevoshchuk

Yury Matevoshchuk is a poet, essayist, translator, the director of poetry contest Dictum. Coordinator of the Literary studio 87, organizer of many art events, including festival Yi in Ternopil. Published poetry books Prototype (2011) and Metropol (2014). Translator of Kornel Filipowicz’s book Romans provincjonalny (2015). Winner of the Stepan Budnyy Prize (2015) for his second book. Member Ukrainian National Writers Union from 2014. He lives and works in Ternopil.

matevoshchuk_metropol_cvr_web ‘Metropol’

Poetry book by Yury Matevoshchuk Metropol became a significant event in contemporary literature, especially in Western Ukraine. Poetry audience knows good Yury’s works, as the poet participates in the most of literature festivals in Ukraine and Belarus, has his own specific manner of reading that puts his name in the row of the most outstanding spoken word artists among young literary generation in Ukraine. In his book he pays much attenction to the current events in Ukrainian history. Some of his poems are full of agression and cruelty of war and crime, and some are sensual and socially touchy in their tend to uncover the personal feelings and wills of the human being:

[..] Something must worry us uninterruptedly
It’s good when the body disturbs the soul,
What we need for happiness just to buy an owl
If it`s any consolation to you.
And everything will cover with hazy brunches,
In motions of lost of despotism –
But the sad Ameli is hanging always about,
Changing roles…

He uses to recreate the Ukrainian poetry tradition, working with rhymes and regular rythm. Exactly these features make Yury’s poetry so recognasible on the Ukrainian poetry stage. Yury Matevoshchuk’s language is free and has lots of contemporary lexical material, inspite of that the poems are open for translation.

Poetry. Published in 2013.
Original language: Ukrainian. 212 pages.

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