Viktoria Dykobraz

Viktoria Dykobraz — poetess, social activist, director of public organisation Literatura.RV, hitchhiker. She has the only one publihed book of her poetry under the title Semantics of our adornments, but it has a great success all over Ukraine, more than twenty book launches in the biggest cities of Ukraine were organized.

dykobraz41 ‘Semantics of our adornments’

The poetry book Semantics of our adornments became some kind of collection of symbils and signs, which played a significant role in Viktoria’s life, they underline, fill up and outline her text.

First of all reader finds the specific colors of the book black, spectrum of grayscale and hot yellow, the absence of page numbers, dictionary like typografics. It is the product of common work by poetess and designer Alex Korchevski. It was very important for both author and designer to create a book that will be holistic art work with a worked out typography of the book spread and its’ meaning.

Viktoria says: «What can I tell about this book? Here’s sixty three poems in four chapters, most of them were written in 2014. Every poem has a accompaniment: title, date, precisely selected comment, connection with color and the space around it. The book fits in the coat’s pocket but fall out of my both hands. We tried to make it beatiful. Hope, it appears useful too».

The book was recognized by the main Ukrainian journals and online literature portals. The big interest to the book is predetermined by the high writing skills of the author, rich poetry language and brave work with a form in this book.

Poetry. Published in 2015.
Original language: Ukrainian. 96 pages.

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