Nicolo Shele

Nicolo Shele is a well known young fiction author. The first two prose books by Nicolo Shele Pistachio dreams and Fragments of happiness were well received by publicity. His last work is novel Schizophrenia, which will brought the author big success. Among several other young writers he is representing new Ukrainian literature generation.

shele_scico ‘Schizophrenia’

Author is a new young writer in modern Ukrainian literature. He has very interesting life and creative way. Nicolo was born in a small nice town Dolyna. People around him, wonderful nature and books forned this small boy as an interesting person. In the childhood Nicolo was very inquisitive, creative, erudite and obedient. As the other children he was fond of football, painting and many other things. But the main hobby was reading books and then writing his own small poems and fairy tales. In the childhood little boy lost his mother because of illness. His mother always wanted him to become a writer. At the age of 7 Nicolo went to school. After finishing school he entered the college. And then at the age of 17 university in Lviv. Big city life opened it’s doors to guy. He always remembered about his talent and dream to become a writer. It was long and hard way to publish something. But desire was bigger. Nicolo released his first small book of poems called Pistachio dreams. It doesn’t bring to young author big success. That’s why he tried again and released novel Fragments of happiness about love, life and happiness. Nicolo Shele — newbie in literary circles. Author of the book Fragments of happiness. Each row of his works is palpable sincerity, insight, authenticity. New book Schizophrenia is a new and perfect step forward. It is significantly more innovative. It leaves from everyday until philosophical romanticism vicissitudes of love. The reader is presented intricate, abstract, extremely mysterious plot and characters. The book really is a new stage in the work of the author. It partially presents features of expressionism, impressionism and other style — genre techniques that make it modern and innovative. Text returns reader to reality and makes them to look around, to think. The author offers to compare anti-utopian world, one that may come that we understand that we truly appreciate.

And run, and run through the dark forest, where dust roads, the height of heaven, and do not hear sounds inaudible feet, the limit for the edge, over the threshold. Where day is more transparent than water, where the sun beats, as new, dropping rays on the grass and stumps. And run, rush to the ocean, where peace and sleep, where happiness is weight. Night on the mountain is hidden, and it nearby, so affectionate and gentle. And fly fly-east to south to escape, hiding in the country, where love — no death and no enemy where feelings — not madness, where together — not schizophrenia.

Fiction. Published in 2014.
Original language: Ukrainian. 166 pages.

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