Kateryna Babkina

Kateryna Babkina – Ukrainian poetess and fiction author. Live in Kyiv, Ukraine. She graduated from Journalistics Department of Kyiv National University. Works as a journalist in Esquire (Ukraine), collaborated with journals and magazines Focus, Business, Le Monde, Art Ukraine, The Insider, Platforma.

Since 2002 Kateryna published three books of poetry, collection of short stories and the novel ‘Sonya’. Also works as a playwriter. Novel ‘Sonya’ was added to the long list of Book of the Year BBC.

c3e809e-babkina ‘Sonya’

The main character of the novel ‘Sonya’ by Kateryna Babkina is free-minded girl, who lives easy and do not occupy herself with a global problems. Easy and simple way of life with a girl’s openness is recognized on every page. As critics say, the ‘text is very feminine’ (Albina Pozdniakova), and there’s nothing from rationality.

Sonya after the separation with her boyfriend lost her connections with her previous life. She met some guy, had sex in the dovecote (the symbol of the dove appears through all novel), became pragnant and decided to find her father, who left the family many year ago. In the city, where she was born, she met a man, relations with whom makes her feel save and calm. They began to live together as a couple, but she’s sure, that he is her father. In the end of the story the reality becomes more and more dream-like, until she fall asleep in the airport, and then the novel ends.

Writer mixes different experiences in the text: homosexualism, Holocaust, free love, money, crime, war, life, death. The novel is easy from all point of view inspite of that it describes many very serious social problems. Sonya becomes an adult during the text, and in the final scenes it is the most recognizable. The pragnancy and birth is the way to another life for the main character. And it is written with a specific feeling of loss and hopelessness, which is unusual for Ukrainian literature.

Fiction. Published in 2013.
Original language: Ukrainian. 186 pages.

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