Yury Zavadsky

Yury Zavadsky is a poet, publisher, translator, literary critic, performancer, PhD. Born in Ukraine, 1981. Published 9 books of poetry. Has a number of publications in Ukrainian and Polish periodicals. Author of one of the first hypertextual poems in Ukrainian “Cyharky”. In cooperation with poet Andriy Antonovsky created bilingual book of concrete and zaum poetry “Rotvrot/Bocaaboca”. The book consists of metalic forged cover and printed on special paper inner part with texts. In 2010 Yury Zavadsky recorded the album with group ZSUF, representing the first recorded Ukrainian project of noise with sound poetry. The most popular streams of Yury’s poetical development are free verse and sound poetry.

zav_cvr ‘Taxi Driver’

Taxi Driver is a selection of new poems by Yury Zavadsky. This book, like the previous ones, radically differs from the Ukrainian poetic mainstream, introducing to readers the endless saga of heroe’s search of his own borders and limits. The book demostrates mixed forms of sound poetry and free verse, authentic text and remakes of the poems from the previous books that were restored by the authors in its original flow and imaginary. Therefore it is necessary to emphasize that the oldest poems could be dated around 2000, and the newest — the end of 2014.

You are made of initial words
looking for silence within themselves.
Communication is dangerous, communication
is dangerous. Hassle with own body,
contradicting with the elements of religion.
Eat well and fill everything
with sense. And once again
about the inner silence.

The brand new point of view on poetry, that Yury Zavadsky currently demostrates, makes him the most celebrated underground figure in the contemporary Ukrainian literature. He is well-known by his sound poetry performances, that develop this form on the base of Ukrainian language. Usually he works with music or noise background.

This book appeared in the short list of Ukrainian book contest Book of the year 2015. It was positively met by several prominent Ukrainian journals. Inspite of the complicated style and mixing with sound poetry, Yury’s poetry is popular among lovers of contemporary Ukrainian literature.

Poetry. Published in 2015.
Original language: Ukrainian. 86 pages.

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