Journal ‘Kolo’ about Emil Hjörvar Petersen’s ‘Refur’ in Ukrainian

Emil H. Petersen (b. 1984) is an Icelandic author and poet, educated in literature and
specialized in fantasy theory. Emil had published two critically acclaimed poetry collections,
Refur (2008) and Gárungagap (2007), when he decided to finally try his hand at speculative
fiction. In 2010, the first installment of The Saga of the Survivors trilogy was published, one
of the first Icelandic efforts in the fantasy and post-apocalyptic genres. In 2012, Verge of
Ruins, the second installment of the trilogy, saw the light of day. The story has received
very positive reviews, it has been called a pioneering work, and is now part of syllabuses
in several Icelandic high schools and colleges. Additionally, Emil has been a guest author at
conferences and conventions, for example at the Swedish Convention of Science Fiction and
Fantasy and The International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts. The third installment
of the trilogy is now in the making.

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