Dmytro Lazutkin’s ‘Carols and Waltzes’ in top-20 by ‘Litakcent’


Dmytro Lazutkin‘s poetry collection ‘Carols and Waltzes’ is included in top-20 by Ukrainian portal

“Poetry is a fine matter. It consists of wind, fire, details and trinkets. It is the measure of your presence not only in the text, but also in its combination with the environment that matters. It is important how good you are as a heat conductor, how organic you are,” says Dmytro Lazutkin.

The collection includes poems from different years, translations and songs lyrics. The poet says: “This book is for those who know me as a lyricist of the “good songs for bad girls” time, and, at the same time the book gives one an opportunity to familiarize oneself with the experimental poems from Бензин (Gasolene) and Солодощі для плазунів (Sweets for Reptiles)”.

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